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Life is like a rainbow of facets, each color representing a different stage and experience. As we move through these stages, we adapt and grow, gaining new insights without losing our core essence. Bring this visual reminder into your space, inspiring you to embrace every facet of your life with courage and openness.


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Color palettes that create a perfect vibe

What customers are saying

  • "I’ve been wanting to buy one of this artists art for a long time, I’ve been following her on Instagram and LOVE her art. This is the perfect piece for my new apartment. It has everything, sun, moon, and soft rainbow colors. I feel like an epic goddess looking at this."

    - Ona via Etsy

  • "Love, love, love!!! The quality of the calendar is superb and I’m a big fan of the art, it’s stunning! I can’t wait to have each print framed as we go through the year!"

    - Joanne via Etsy

  • "The print on-screen looks amazing, but OMG the print in real life-stunning. I am thrilled. This is my second print. I am obsessed. The colors are so vibrant. Fabulous purchase, customer service and product."

    - Mande via Etsy