My Why

If you clicked the „about“ tab you’re clearly here to find out the motivation and meaning behind all of this artwork. 

I'm a breast cancer survivor, mother, part-time web designer, and illustrator. I grew up living a nomadic lifestyle between Germany and the US and am currently residing in the greater Franfurt area in Germany. 

When I'm not busy illustrating magical artwork, I like to run, do yoga, and get lost in a book. 

The art I make is feminine, magical and inspired by all things witchy. I draw the goddesses I see in my dreams, and have a special fascination with the moon. I firmly believe in the healing power of rituals and meditation and hope that my art can transport some of that magical energy into your home.


My art comes to you via various international printers that I work with. This flexibility allows me to keep my international shipping rates fair and my delivery times fairly fast.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions or concerns! I'm always happy to help!